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The Tancho:

The Tancho as a Koi or classification, or indeed in reference to Tancho Kohaku (pictured below) is probably the most beautiful and treasured Koi Type of all and a favourite the world over. As lovers of Tancho Koi having owned some beautiful examples in the past and specialists in Koi we proudly present our passion and dedication in our treasured Domain group dedicated to the beautiful world of Koi.

An exceptionally stunning example of Japanese High grade Tancho Kohaku Koi.

Note the wonderful balance and shape of the Tancho marking on the Koi's head, this particular example is exceptional, the perfect colour and Scale pattern with a hint of Ginrin shine to the outer of the Scales edges. This particular Tancho, due to shape and form 'probably female' is a prime example and we are very proud to have this wonderful Fish grace this page.

The Tancho Marking is a key Genetic feature/trait of other Sub Types of Japanese Koi Carp that fall under the ' Tancho ' grouping:

The Tancho Kohaku on the left is a superb prime example of this ' Tancho ' type, stunningly beautiful in every way. The Tancho Showa ( Showa due to Black markings appearing inside the Tancho Spot ) featured to the right is another exceptional Koi. The Tancho Showa is again a feature fish across our Sites and rightly so as one of the best we have ever seen.

Here we have a stunning Tancho Sanke, another truly beautiful fish and a favourite  Tancho variety of Koi the world over:

Visit http://TanchoShowa.com and http://TanchoSanke.com for the Koi's own pages:

Tancho Koi Carp is part of the www.JapKoi.com web network dedicated to the love of koi:

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 Here is Angelo one of my OOAK Koi Sculptures .

 More photos of the complete Angelo and my other Sculptures will be coming soon. If you are interested in having a commision piece done of either a Prize and loved Koi or perhaps a special Carp caught in your much loved fishery, please read on.

I will Sculpt your treasured Fish in High grade Polymer Clays to any size up to a maximum of  14 inches in height. Prices will vary on individual requirements. Please check back for some of my One Of A Kind Koi Sculptures and limited edition castings, Vases and paintings.

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Please drop me an email bondarts@yahoo.co.uk 

I would really appreciate it, if you like New Age Ambient Music mixed with a little more upbeat Dance if you would take the time to listen to some of my personal Musical productions: TTOTM - Thank you! x Tara x :

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The Koi we have used in our Graphic designs are courtesy of our Associate Japanese friends in one of the Japanese Koi Farm groups we are proud to be associated with, to whom we give great Thanks. The above Koi are superb examples of the Types and of an extremely High grade Show standard. In the near future our personal Koi and Japanese selections will be available.

All Sites are currently in process and Design, we Thank you for your patience during.


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